Welcome to our exclusive Kokedama collection - designer plant accessories that bring Japanese elegance and natural charm directly to your home. Kokedama, which literally means "moss ball", is an innovative way of growing plants that is based on a rich Japanese tradition. This unique concept was created as an alternative to traditional flower pots and bonsai, which was sought by people who love nature and style, but could not afford expensive bonsai flower pots.

In our Kokedama collection, you will find a wide variety of plants that have been carefully selected and planted in characteristic round formations made of moss and clay. Each Kokedama is a unique work of art that brings a touch of nature, design and culture into your home.

Browse our collection and discover the beauty and uniqueness that our Kokedamas bring. Treat yourself to exotic luxury and sophisticated elegance with these pieces of nature that will enliven and harmonize your living space.

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Why do people love Kokedams and why will you fall in love with them too?

1. Aesthetically appealing design: Kokedama brings sophisticated and natural charm to the interior. It is an interesting and design way to decorate your home or office.

2. Original concept: Kokedama offers an alternative way of growing plants without traditional pots. It is a creative approach to green decoration that will interest everyone.

3. Space saving: Kokedama is ideal for those with limited space as it can be placed freely in the space, hung on the wall or placed on a table.

4. Easy care: Caring for the Kokedama is simple and undemanding. Just dip it in water regularly and let the moss soak in.

5. Ecological approach: Kokedama does not need traditional flower pots and containers. It is a natural and ecological way of growing plants that minimizes the use of plastic and other artificial materials.

6. Creative possibilities: With Kokedama, you can experiment with different types of plants and create unique arrangements that express your individual style and personality.

7. Natural atmosphere: Kokedama brings a natural atmosphere to your premises and helps create a relaxing and harmonious environment. These advantages make

Kokedama a great addition to any home or workplace.

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