Flower Subscription

Meet our Flower Letterbox subscription, which regularly brings fresh flowers to you or your loved ones during the selected period. You can choose a subscription for 3, 6, 12 months or according to your wish at a favorable price.

You may remember the times when you sent and received letters full of anticipation and excitement. Now you can bring this beautiful tradition back into your life with our Flower Letterbox. Give someone an extraordinary experience and send a letter full of beauty, fragrance and love, combined with fresh flowers. Flower Letterbox is a gift that you will never forget.

Each Flower Letterbox is packed in a tasteful package and contains a card with instructions on how to care for the flowers. Our offer includes different types of seasonal flowers, which are complemented by non-traditional green components to make each bouquet a work of art. Enjoy the beauty of flowers every month with our Flower Letterbox and let yourself be carried away by their pleasant fragrance and elegance.

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Enter the world of exclusive experiences with our flower subscription. Each Flower Letterbox is more than just a bouquet, it is a gift that brings a joyful surprise and endless pleasure. With our subscription, we offer not only flowers, but also a story that unfolds month after month.

Choose this exclusive service and let us take care of every detail. From tasteful packaging, through flowers carefully chosen according to the season, to a personal dedication that will warm the heart of every recipient. For us, each bouquet is an opportunity to create something wonderful, something that will enliven the room and the hearts of you or those gifted with its beauty and fragrance.

Let yourself be introduced to the world of flowers and experiences, where each bouquet is a story and each delivery is a unique event. Order a flower subscription today and experience the magical world of flowers with us regularly.

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