Flower Therapies

Sign up for our workshop and experience amazing time connected with creativity and well-being! Our workshops, flower therapies, are not only about arranging flowers and succulents, it is about a deeper connection with nature and oneself.

Together we will start creating beautiful arrangements, where each flower, succulent and cactus has its own meaning and purpose. Every step is taken with your well-being and relaxation in mind. Flower therapies allow us to break out of the stereotype and enter the world of beauty and harmony. The natural essential oils that we use at the beginning open the way to your inner balance and creativity.

Our workshops are not only about creating arrangements, but also about self-discovery and relaxation. Experienced instructors will guide you through every step with love and care. Join us on an unforgettable journey of flower therapy, where every flower, every leaf and every twig has its own story and its healing effects.

Let yourself be carried away by the wave of creativity and harmony. We look forward to seeing you!


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